Guasti Trailers


Our Guasti Trailers
are built to last. 
We strive to build a complete ready to go shelter. 

Built from the axle up, the chassis is all steel tubing.  The body compartment is constructed with Honey-Comb aluminum panels embedded into tubular frames with aerospace adhesives. Our unique design results in high strength and lower weight.

The exterior finish is a unique two-tone combination of a textured paint and urethane body armor on all corners and on the top deck for rugged good looks and durability.

Set up time is about ten minutes. 

Click on the images below to see details of each model:

Base Camp:    Tracker:

The compartmented caisson of the
Base Camp measures 85 inches long X 77 inches wide.  Living space is 14 feet X 85 inches. The Base Camp has two berths with mattresses measuring 50 inch X 76 inch. Dry weight with full complements is about 1360 pounds.

The Tracker measures 85 inches long X 67 inches wide. Living space is 85 inches X 91 inches. The Tracker has a single berth with a mattress 82 inches X 48 inches.  Dry weight with full complements is about 1260 pounds.

Head room for both is a very ample 79 inches. 

If you'd like to see our brochure, click the links below:

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Please contact us if you want more information or to make an appointment to see it in person.
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Two models available:

Base Camp